There is a little “Town Management” system in the game where you can build Facilities to help grow your Digimon.

At the start of the game, you will have a House, a Lab and a Recruitment Notice. As you complete the Normal Quest, you’ll be able to unlock the other Facilities.

There are 4 Facilities that can be upgraded and you should upgrade them in this order: Restaurant > Meat Field > Warehouse > House.


This is the place where your Digimons are held. You can also check the Evolution Tree from here. Upgrade your House to increase the maximum Digimon you can hold.

Facility level Max Digimon Building time Required items
House Lv.1 50 None
House Lv.2 70 0 second DigiStone x 5
House Lv.3 90 0 second DigiStone x 5
House Lv.4 110 0 second DigiStone x 5
House Lv.5 130 0 second DigiStone x 5
House Lv.6 150 0 second DigiStone x 5
House Lv.7 0 second
House Lv.8 0 second
House Lv.9 0 second
House Lv.10 0 second



This is the place where you hatch your In-training Digimon. Also, you can pass on your Ability Medal through the Seedling function.

Recruitment Notice

This is the place where you’ll find your Co-op rooms.

Meat Field

Meat Field produces Meat at a rate of 1 per minute. The meat can be used to quickly increase the level of your Digimon. Each piece of meat gives 10 experience points. You can check here to see the experience points need for each level.

This should be the second Facility that you will want to concentrate on getting it to max level ASAP. However, do note that you cannot harvest when you are upgrading your Facility thus there will be days where you cannot complete your Daily Quest.

Facility level Maximum Building Time Required Items
Meat field Lv.1 20 30s Cluster x 500
Meat field Lv.2 30 1m Cluster x 1,000
Meat field Lv.3 40 10m Cluster x 1,100
Meat field Lv.4 50 30m Cluster x 1,200
Meat field Lv.5 60 1hr Cluster x 1,500
Meat field Lv.6 70 5hrs Cluster x 1,700
Meat field Lv.7 80 10hrs Cluster x 2,000
Meat field Lv.8 100 24hrs Cluster x 2,300
Meat field Lv.9 150 48hrs Cluster x 2,500
Meat field Lv.10 200 72hrs Cluster x 3,000



This is the place where your Meat is stored. Upgrade your warehouse so that you can store more meat for later use.

Facility level Maximum Meat Building time Required items
Warehouse Lv.1 100 30s Cluster x 1,000
Warehouse Lv.2 150 5m Cluster x 1,000
Warehouse Lv.3 200 20m Cluster x 1,100
Warehouse Lv.4 250 1hr Cluster x 1,200
Warehouse Lv.5 300 5hrs Cluster x 1,500
Warehouse Lv.6 350 10hrs Cluster x 1,700
Warehouse Lv.7 400 1d Cluster x 2,000
Warehouse Lv.8 500 1d 10hrs Cluster x 2,200
Warehouse Lv.9 Cluster
Warehouse Lv.10 Cluster



The Dojo is a special place where you can inherit Legacy skills from your Digimon. You can also randomly change the Resistance of your Digimon.


The final and most important Facility in your Farm is definitely the Restaurant. Increasing the Maximum level of your Restaurant will increase the maximum value of your Stamina. This should be the first Facility that you will want to max-out.

Do note that whenever you “complete” upgrading your Restaurant, your Stamina will be restored to full thus it is important for you to finish up all your current Stamina before tapping on complete. 

Facility level Max Stamina Building time Required items
Restaurant Lv.1 40 30s Cluster x 1,000
Restaurant Lv.2 45 10m Cluster x 1,000
Restaurant Lv.3 50 1hr Cluster x 1,200
Restaurant Lv.4 55 5hrs Cluster x 1,500
Restaurant Lv.5 60 10hrs Cluster x 1,700
Restaurant Lv.6 65 24hrs Cluster x 2,000
Restaurant Lv.7 70 36hrs Cluster x 2,500
Restaurant Lv.8 75 48hrs Cluster x 3,000
Restaurant Lv.9 80 72hrs Cluster x 3,500
Restaurant Lv.10 100 72hrs Cluster x 5000



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