Friendship Points

Another important Stat in the game is the “Friendship”. Whenever you increase your Friendship value by 30, your Digimon will receive a stats boost (all stats). As you evolve your Digimon to a higher Stage, the Limit for the Friendship will increase.

Growth stage Stats Increase Maximum Friendship
Rookie 3% 90
Champion 5% 150
Ultimate 7% 210
Mega 10% 300


How to gain Friendship?

Currently there are 2 ways to gain Friendship points. The first and most reliable method is to bring Digimon out on combat. This way, the Leader will gain 3 Friendship Points while the other 2 party members will gain 1 each.

The other way to get Friendship point is to tap on the Digimon in your farm. You can gain 1 Friendship point daily per Digimon using this method. Do note that only the Digimon in your active party will appear in your farm.



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