The Luck stat determines the chance to get an extra reward at the end of the battle. It is especially important to raise your Luck during Advent event as the drop rate for fragments is relatively low.

  • In single player mode, the system will count the luck on your Leader
  • 1 Luck = 1%

How to raise your luck?

You can raise your luck through the Enhance (Training > Enhance) system.

Luck can only be increased by sacrificing the same Tribe Digimon as the base Digimon.

Stage Chance
Rookie 1%
Champion 10%
Ultimate 40%
Mega 100%


Although you’re guaranteed to get 1 luck out of a Mega Digimon, it is definitely more economical to feed the Champion Digimon as they are relatively faster and easier to breed.

Also, gather as much fodder as possible and wait till rate-up events to double your chances of increasing your luck.

Note: Luck may or may not pass on to your Awakened Digimon. Therefore, it is better to increase your luck only on +4 Digimons


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