As you might already have heard, rerolling in Digimon Links is not that important as you will eventually be able to get all Digimon by playing the game. However, if you’re new to the game and there happen to be a special banner event, these are the things to look out for when rerolling.

PS: Do not reroll when there are no special banner events

Rank Contents
1 Digimon with Leader Skill (Major Boost)
2 Digimon with Legacy Skill (Level IV and V)
3 Gold Ability Medal
4 Silver Ability Medal
5 Type of Digimon


1. Digimon with Leader Skill (Major Boost)

Leader Skill is definitely one of the most important “Stat” in the game as not all Digimon are born with it. The boost given by “Leader Skill” will last even when the Leader dies. Look out for Leader Skill rateup banners to pull.

2. Digimon with Legacy Skill (Level IV and V)

Legacy skills are secondary skills that can be passed down from one Digimon to the other. These skills are not fixed to any one Digimon. You will want your Legacy Skill to be at least Level IV in order for it to be considered useful.

Look out for Legacy Skill rate up banner and transfer the skill onto your most prized Digimon.

3. Gold Ability Medal

Gold Ability Medal adds about 20% more stats to your Digimon. It is possible to have multiple Medals.

4. Silver Ability Medal

The Silver Ability Medal adds about 10% more stats to your Digimon. It is possible to have multiple Medals.

5. Digimon Ranking

Not sure if Global version will continue to have Mega forms in the Banner but I’ll put up the rankings for Champion form.

Rank Digimon Note
1 Chirinmon
Light Element with Nature Skill
High DEF
2 Infermon
Good against Darkness
Decent AOE Fire Damage
3 Any Champion Digimon for next Advent Event